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Growth Strategy  
Phase one is always about building a plan. This plan evolves over time and becomes an operational book. As we implement a multi-tiered structure, we build on layers of engagement and incentivize tribe building.
Once we engage a prospect's interest, we include them in the offer development. This keeps their interest and provides them with what they want, while consistently growing audience feedback. Relationship marketing at its finest..
The Launch
Here we layer-in small, medium and large offerings with sales funnels. We often encourage the prospects use products or services for a month to guarantee proper fit. Once there is a proper fit, there is no selling to do.
Let go and let launch.
Service Bundles 
Social Media
People are driving this revolution. And the best way to connect and harvest their input is with social media. We will design, optimize and post on your social channels. Get our Free 7 Day Makeover. Click below.
Social Covers
Your social media headers are valuable real estate. Get them designed strategically and build strong connections. Your brand will soar!
Try one for free, a time limited offer. Then check out our 12 month package!
Before buying, most folks will read a review or two. But many businesses shrink away, worried about getting bad reviews. With our service, you will regularly harvest excellent reviews and minimize any bad reviews.
Broadcast your message to the crowd. Works on bluetooth and can deliver an ad, a virtual walk-through or announcement. Get on nearby smartphones, politely.
Works indoors and out, 300 foot radius.
We will get you first page ranking fast. We won't have to start over when Google changes the algorithm. And we won't charge nearly as much as Pay-Per-Click. Ready for major media exposure? Hold on to your seat!
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Do you know where your information is tonight? Some online free directories only index once a year. They grab the nearest data for creating your business profile. Don't leave your data conflicted and unattended. We fix & deploy.
Leads Generation
We will generate leads for your business in any town or city in the country. We include most data fields including social media profiles. Streamline your marketing with auto-responding email and messenger bots.
Ad Design
Blue Pearl Strategy is where we design ads. From time to time we may offer a free ad, especially if you subscribe. Once you see how well our ads work, we will create sixteen formats for almost every social channel's dimensions.
Harness the power of smart phones that most of your customers carry with them all the time. For iPhone, Android and iPad. Offers, coupons, loyalty programs keeps them coming back and tells their friends.  
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