About Us
We are a creative digital marketing company on a mission to lift small to medium sized companies by the boot straps. If you are ready to grow, we will get you there.
We are about building
sustainable business growth
And having clean simple fun along the way.
Our team consists in four creative, passionate talents along with their support sources. For the most part we are located in the US and on occasion include others for their cost effective technical expertise.
Growth Strategy
Phase one is always about building a plan. This plan evolves over time and becomes your roadmap. As we implement a multi-tiered structure, we build on layers of social engagement and incentivize your tribe along the way.
First you have to be findable. If your info isn't in the right places, folks won't find you. Then we engage and get feedback (reviews). Finally we reward those that go deeper by continuing to offer value.
Relationship building at its finest..
The Launch
Here we layer-in products and services that draw clients to like the  brand and commit, split testing and optimizing as we go. With powerful analytics we study what is working and what is not. Once there is light on the path, we expand.
From our customers
We started out with no online presence.
Now folks call us every day. Thanks for all your help.
Judy Stark, CEO Whitfield Interiors inc. 
Some of our Team..
                      Jaime Rosenberg
Jaime just celebrated his 22nd year as a master web designer, working the waterfront in site design and inventive web applications. He enjoys making book. The rest of the time he enjoys making people's dreams reality! Forever humble, you can often find him with his nose in a history book or swimming.
                          Laticia Headings
Laticia specializes in connecting with people, building cohesive relationships and telling their stories in an informative, compelling and non-biased way. She approaches all of her projects with humility and views each as an opportunity
to learn and grow. Her projects include National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, History Channel, Lifetime, Animal Planet, E! Networks & WE tv.
                             George Drexel                
Strategist and innovator, George stokes the creative fires all around. If you are a bit shy about being the face of your business, we can always make a green gecko do the creative expression for you.
He started in the visual arts and now is passionate about invoking each client's singular vision and ringing that bell.
                             Mariya Kruseck
Social media runs in Mariya's blood. She knows how to engage and motivate. Also a dynamic team player in business development strategy, Mariya implements the plan with consistent success. She has built companies from the ground up and made them rock solid for the future.
Jugs reminds us that it's not entirely about content. The shape of the container is also critical. If it doesn't suggest personality, it probably won't be that engaging. His mantra: we may be desk-bound occasionally, but we can still chase adrenaline from time to time.
The Blue Pearl is the Earth. What better protector of the blue planet than a red man. He is wise and aware. He is courageous and connected to the elements of creation. We aspire to be the same.  
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