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Marketing is Relationship Creation
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If You Aren't Building Your Email List, You are Wasting Your Social Capital.
Our Processes 
Web Development
 SEO the organic way, won't have to start over when Google changes their algorithm. We create powerful networked website that are search engine potent. We get that site on page one of Google with a strong Call-To-Action. We add a phone number that we forward to you. Your phone will ring!
Content Managment
We get you in the Google Money Box. FAST!
If you are ready to grow quickly, we can have you on page one in 24 to 48 hours! Within several months, you will be in the Google Three Box. More cost effective than PPC.
Still not sure? Give us a call. And we will make you an offer you can't refuse!
We offer a complimentary ad for you to test out. If it works, let us know and we will continue with a cost-effective ad campaign. If not, no hard feelings. We are that confident in our work. Click this link if you want to
Create more customers! 
Limited to the first sixteen customers.

Beacon Marketing
Beacon or Proximity marketing connects you with folks in the area. With a radial range up to 260 feet, place your notice via bluetooth technology onto their smartphones.
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Business Directories
If folks can't find you, they won't buy from you. We get you in all the relevant directories. So wherever they look, you will be there. This also drives ranking in searches. It cleans up out-dated strands of erroneous information and makes you look professional.
Advice Service
We will analyze and email you a 12 page report on your complete informational profile. This report shows you what folks are saying about you. It also shows where your information is found and where it needs to be. Receive monthly reports on our progress as well.
We create strategic social media campaigns that engage.  
Then we follow up...
From Messenger Bots to Social Advertising,
we will grow your word-of-mouth community.
Getting Customers to Check-In on Facebook is a powerful way to reach their folks and gain valuable word-of-mouth benefits.
Not using Facebook to grow your business? 
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From our customers
"You are so wise, Oh Sadhu.
Thanks for getting us going so well!"
Mike Sully, CEO Beckwith LEATHERS LTD. 
Reputation is Everything when it comes to growing a solid brand.
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